Kipling Journal: KJ039

Published: Sep 1936

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72&73Lahore. Fort Lahore main guard gatehouse and archway. PhotographNews & Notes
74Critics. Oliver Baldwin’s attack on K. in the ‘Daily Telegraph’, with repliesNews & Notes
76Vermont. Naulakha open to the public every afternoonNews & Notes
77From jungle to Jutland, by Major Claude Wallace…on K’s. poetry influenceNews & Notes
77Imperial Service College. Chronicle Memorial Issue & ‘Times’ articleNews & Notes
77Kipling’s achievement: remarks by Henry Bett in the ‘London Quarterly’News & Notes
78New York. Memorial Meeting, March 1936. [Full text of address]Naumburg, Carl T
81Kipling, by André Chevrillon. Librarie Plon. 1936E.W.M. (extended review)
81MALTESE CAT (DW). Macmillan. 7/6. [Brief review]Edwards, Lionel (illus.)
81Moynihan, Lord. Vice-president. Obituary
84Epitaphs. By Rudyard Kipling [:collected by the author] C 041/29Milburn, Col. C.H. + C
96Artist. Rudyard Kipling’s other art [: in the ‘Just So Stories’]Whitehouse, Francis Cecil
99Parents. Father and mother of Rudyard Kipling+ C1 041/30+039/73 (N&N)Macdonald, Miss Florence
101Uncollected Kipling verse written in his copy of ‘The Eve of St. Agnes’[Text of 9-line verse]
102In memoriam – Rudyard Kipling; poemGoddard, Ethel
103Parents. More information requested about ‘those two remarkable people’C1
103RECANTATION (YBv). Harry Lauder in mind?C1
103SLEIPNEIR LATE THURINDA (ATF). Odin’s 8-legged grey horseC
104Kipling Society, The. Hotel Washington location for future meetingsSecretary's corner

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