Kipling Journal: KJ288

Published: Dec 1998

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06+08VORTEX (DOC). Illustration + extended noteCleaver, Reginald
9Stamers-Smith, Mrs Eileen. Council Member. Obituary (and thanks)Editorial
10Hooliganism. Kipling and ‘hooliganism’. Part 2 + Corrigenda 290/11Editorial + C 289/40
12Mrs Hauksbee rides again. Part 2 [: of introduction to ‘Mrs Hauksbee & Co’]Whitehead, John + C289/40
21Book. The future of the book in the age of telecommunication C 290/48Connell, Tim + C
40My boy Jack?; the search for K.’s only son, by Tonie & Valmai Holt. 1998Smith, Mike (review)
42&43Kipling the globe-trotter. Part 5: Knights of the joyous venture + C 289/42Bendle, Meryl Macdonald
42&43Kipling the globe-trotter. Part 5: Knights of the joyous venture + illusBendle, Meryl Macdonald
46Kipling Society, The. Website: Council develops existing presenceSociety notices
47Couple for Kipling; play by Harry Barton to be presented in Coleraine, 3/99Society notices
48Kipling Society, The. I[ncipient] S[elective] S[ubscription] A[mnesia]Society notices
48Kipling Society, The. Subscription payment problemsSociety notices
48Rottingdean. Grange Museum: presentation of books by Mrs F.M. PeirsonSociety notices
50Sussex University. More and more Kipling [documents acquired]Inglis, Elizabeth
53Trials of a secretary: Miss Parker and the KiplingsLewis, Lisa
63Memsahibs. Kipling’s ‘memsahibs’ in the short storiesHanquart-Turner, Evelyne
75Archaisms. What does Kipling achieve using deliberate archaisms?C + R 289/38
76Freemasonry. Rudyard Kipling Lodge No 9681 opened in Horncastle, 1998C11
78SONG OF THE ENGLISH (SSv). Illustration by Heath Robinson: 3[Bombay]
80Kipling that nobody reads: Thomas Pinney lecture. Text available for saleC

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