Kipling Journal: KJ300

Published: Dec 2001

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06&08GREAT PLAY HUNT (TSAD). Boots … with his friend Tags + IllustrationWebb. George
9India. ‘…creation of the British…’Editorial
10Kipling Society, The. Chairman’s response to September 11, 2001Editorial
10USA. Chairman’s response to US Ambassador for September 11, 2001Editorial
11Afghanistan. Taleban and the Great Game: reflections on K. & AfghanistanLycett, Andrew
15Kipling Society, The. Letter to Jan Morris from John Shearman 15/6/78Editor's comments
16RIKKI-TIKKI-TAV1 (JB1). Rikki-Tikki-Tavi as BeowulfCosman, Bard C
28Foxhunting. More foxhunting with KiplingUnderwood, F.A.
33Kipling Society, The. Our new President: Sir George Engle. PortraitKeskar, Sharad
34This quarter 70 years ago (4)…Zam Zammah gun…See also: KJ 20, FP & p 99
35Question of art: Kipling’s narratorBrogan, Hugh
45Kipling Society, The. Subscriptions – a reminder
46Kipling Society, The. Website. The Kipling Society on-line [3]Radcliffe, John
48SEVEN SEAS (v). Publication detailsC
50Music settings. Score of ‘Absent-minded beggar’ presented to LibraryC
51Poetry. Recitation of Kipling poems + facsimile of Alec Guinness letterC
52Child’s memory of KiplingC
53JUST SO STORIES. Centenary celebrated in Grange & on postage stampsNews & Notices
53Rudyard Kipling’s Very Own House: lecture by Michael Smith at RFH 18/3 News & NoticesNews & Notices
54JUST SO STORIES. Song Book: music by Edward German. CD. £12.50News & Notices
54Two-sided man: R.K. in India. Lecture by David Gilmour in SW 1 on 13/3News & Notices
55Diary of an African journey, by H. Rider Haggard. Hurst & Co. 2001. £20[Review]
56Rudyard Kipling Oeuvres.Vol IV. Bibliothèque de in Pléïade NRF GallimarcGauchet, Pierre (review)
57Selected poetry, by R. K., edited by Craig Raine. Penguin. 12/01. £7.99[Review]
58Ramsey-Mrs Kipling letters. Magdalene Coll. Paper 25, ed. by J.D.LewinsKeskar, Sharad (review)
59Sylvia Thompson’s Memoir. Magdalene Coll. Paper 26, ed. by J.D.LewinsKeskar, Sharad (review)

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