Kipling Journal: KJ037

Published: Mar 1936

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1Kipling Society, The. Kipling’s death. Short eulogy from the PresidentDunsterville, Maj-Gen. L.C.
2King George V. Death linked with that of Kipling[Short paragraph]
2Poet’s corner: Kipling’s death and funeral ceremony at Westminster Abbey
4Bailey, Colonel Charles. Society Secretary. ObituaryMacMunn, Lt.-Gen. Sir G.
4Kipling Society, The. Secretary 3. Col. Charles Bailey. ObituaryNews & Notes
4Kipling Society, The. Secretary 4. Sir Christopher Lynch-Robinson apptdNews & Notes
5COMFORTERS (DOCv). Verse quoted on Kipling’s deathNews & Notes
6Kipling Society, The. Kipling’s death. Letter to Mrs Kipling from PresidentDunsterville, L.C. [excerpt]
9Iran. Letter to Society secretary on Kipling’s death from Iranian AcademyNews & Notes
11Catalogue intimate & descriptive of my Kipling Collection, by E.A. Ballard[Presented to the Library]
11Middlesex Hospital Journal, Mar/1936. Study of K.’s work (Victor Bonnay)[Review]
13Epitome. Rudyard Kipling – an epitome [: Kipling’s life in summary][+ News & Notes 037/10]
26Humour. Kipling’s humour + News & Notes 037/07Goodenough, Sir Francis
29+08Miscellany. Kipling miscellany. Discussion meeting [: short summary]Owen, Collinson
31Kipling Society, The. Leaflet to promote Society
FP+06Portrait. Kipling medallion, obverse and reverse, by Solton Engel