Kipling Journal: KJ056

Published: Dec 1940

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1Churchill. Interesting parallel [: with K’s. ‘…words cabled round the earth…]Notes
2BALLAD OF EAST AND WEST (BRBv). Habits of loose quotationNotes
3Macdonald. Macdonald clan C 058/22Notes + C1
4Kipling Society, The. Wartime. Restrictions & difficulties + Notes 056/01
5Kipling Society, The. Wartime. We carry on! [: note from the President]Dunsterville, Maj-Gen. L.C.
7Critics. Some early critics of KiplingMartindell, Captain E.W.
10Motoring. Rudyard Kipling’s early Lanchester. Photograph[Daimler Co. Ltd]
11United Services College. Kipling and the School. Part 1Hawkins, Miss E.B.
14Baring. Maurice Baring on K. [: ‘what if a great writer came on the scene’]Dowson, Major Ernest
16Names. Rudyard [: a possible history & R.K.’s published letter 11/7/1900][+ 058/01(N)+ C2 058/22]
17Homes of Rudyard Kipling. Part 1 C 057/26Milburn, Colonel C.H. + C1
20TOMMY DODD (v). Lampoon C 058/23[Rudyard Kipling?] + C
21CAPTIVE (T&D). Churchill’s use of ‘innocuous deseutude’Kiplingiana
21Churchill. Kipling’s crew and captain [: broadcast speech comment]Kiplingiana
21Man of his time [: ‘…politically but also metaphysically…’]Kiplingiana
21Martello towers and Rudyard KiplingKiplingiana
21Storyteller & mythmaker [: Kipling’s true vocation]Kiplingiana
22STALKY & CO. Interview with Stalky forty years agoKiplingiana
23CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS. Information sources requestedKiplingiana
23Vermont. Kipling in New England [: and the purchase of Naulakha]Kiplingiana
24Macdonald. Rudyard Kipling and George Macdonald C 058/22Kiplingiana + C2
24Prophet. Cecil Rhodes’s dreamC2

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