Kipling Journal: KJ326

Published: Apr 2008

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1Kent 2007 Conference – IntroductionPage, David & Montefiore, Janet
3Kent Conference ProgrammeMontefiore, Janet
6Rewards and Fairies and The Neo-Romantic DebtMarch-Russell, Paul
14Synthesis and Fragmentation: Panoramic Visuality in KimJoergensen, Charlotte
22Traffics and Re-Discoveries: Rudyard Kipling Collections at the Library Of CongressWynn, Debra D.
32Kipling and Shell-Shock: The Healing CommunitySimmers, George
40“ “Tin Fish” ”: Two Texts, Two ReadingsKarlin, Danny
48Finding one’s way through Actions and ReactionsRaimbault, Elodie
56“ain’t goin’ to have any beastly Erickin’ ”: The Problem of Male Friendship in Stalky & Co.Oulton, Carolyn
62If Any Question Why He Died: John Kipling and the Myths of The Great WarFlothow, Dorothea

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