Kipling Journal: KJ001

Published: Mar 1927

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2Kipling Society, The. Inaugural officers, 1927
2Kipling Society, The. Secretary 1. J.H. Brooking appointedInaugural officers list
3Rudyard Kipling and his works. Photograph, with ‘Who’s Who’ entry
4Kipling Society, The. What is the use of a Kipling Society?…with answer.
5Kipling Society, The. Formation noteMacMunn, Lt.-Gen. Sir G.
6Kipling Society, The. Inaugural meeting. February 4, 1927+ 002/02 (News & Notes)
7To Rudyard Kipling; poem + 002/02 (News & Notes)Bloch, Regina Miriam
8United Services College. Contemporary circle [: characters in ‘Stalky’ noted]+ C1 002/26(2) 004/28
9United Services College. Recollections of schoolboy lifeStalky'
13Origins. Some Kipling origins. Part 1MacMunn, Lt.-Gen. Sir G.
14United Services College. Plea that failed [: reminiscences of padre ‘Belly’]M'Turk'
16Crypticisms. 1: Secretary invites members to send puzzling items to K.J.
17United Services College. K’s poem to Queen Victoria in USC ‘Chronicle’Beresford, G.C.
18United Services College. Cricket field photograph in the 1890s
18United Services College. Golf and Westward Ho!Taylor, J.H.
22Prophet. Rudyard Kipling – state prophetBrooking, J.H.C.
25Rudyardites. Kipling Society not the first in the fieldBrooking, J.H.C.
26Six famous poets, by Coulson Kernahan [: Kipling’s use of words][Excerpts]
27Uncollected Kipling items R 002/28 003/04 C 002/27 003/07Brooking, J.H.C. + R + C
28I learned to Kiple as a lad…; 4-line verseMackenzie, Sir J. K.
28Limitations of knowledge; poem in ‘Pall Mall Gazette’, 1894
29Prophet. Poet as prophetFox, Gerard E.
30ffAllahabad. Kipling’s office furniture at the ‘Pioneer’Photograph
31Journalism. Kipling’s early association with journalismRattigan, Clive
33Kipling Society, The. Members. 1 – 100 listed[Corrections: 004/04]

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