Kipling Journal: KJ179

Published: Sep 1971

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2Howlers. Kipling howlersEditorial
2McANDREW’S HYMN (SSv). Metrical enginesEditorial
3Bateman’s. Kipling and animalsEditorial
4Field sports. What were Kipling’s views on field sports? R 181/12Editorial + R
5Goddess India: Kipling’s vision of chaos + R 181/13Shamsul Islam + R
12NAULAHKA. Novel of East and West: a study R 181/14Carrington, C.E. + R
23Working classes in Victorian fiction, by P.J. Keating. Routledge, 1971Carrington, C.E. (review)
23Working-class stories of the 1890s, by P.J. Keating. Routledge, 1971Carrington, C.E. (review)

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