Kipling Journal: KJ312

Published: Dec 2004

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6JUST SO STORIES: Just So!Editorial
7Civil and Milirary Gazette: Simla: Dr Charles Owen and the KiplingsMoran, Neil
23GUNGA DIN: “Banty Tim”: A Possible American Source for “Gunga Din”Cahill, W. P. & Harrawood, M.
33On the Track of an Epitaph: Kipling and B.H. Walton R 147/03Pinney, Thomas
35Photograph: R. Kipling and John on board the BantamIllustration
43THEY: Seeing Things: Repititions and Images in “ ‘They’ ”Lewis, Lisa
47Obituary: Ken FrazerFrazer, Jane
48THE BALLAD OF THE ‘BOLIVAR’, Comments on.Lt Cdr Roake, A.D.
50THE JUNGLE BOOK: Fire, the Red FlowerCherni, Ezzedine
53Parody: Illegitimacy in Kipling’s “His Gift”Bull, Byron
56BBC TV: The B.B.C. Television Series of STALKY & CO.Bendle, M.M., Kirkpatrick, R.J.
57Empire Families: Britons and Late Imperial India, by Elizabeth BuettnerKeskar, Jane (Review)
59Oliver Baldwin: A Life of Dissent, by Christopher J. WalkerEditor (Review)
59Pick Up Your Parrots and Monkeys . . . , by William PenningtonVaughan Williams, A. (Review)
61The “Kipling Groove”. R 220/43, 221/45, 222/34.Editor
62The New Readers’ Guide: An Update at September 2004Radcliffe, John

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