Kipling Journal: KJ087

Published: Oct 1948

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1Auctions & sales. Sussex edition set sold for £172 at HodgsonCollins, J.P. (Notes)
1GENTLEMEN-RANKERS (BRBv). …and the ‘Whiffenpoof Song’…Collins, J.P. (Notes)
2Martindell essay prize. General noteCollins, J.P. (Notes)
2REWARDS & FAIRIES. Cryptogram and lost clue C 116/17Collins, J.P. (Notes) + C1
3My personal taste in Kipling’s works + photographs:1)Author 2)Ann. Conf.Wavell, Earl + 087/08
08&03Annual conference 1948. Summary + Photograph 087/04
10Gods of the copybook headings: what is wrong with the Nation today?Martindell, Captain E.W.
11Martindell essay prize. 1948: 1st prize winner. Full textGould, L.M.
13Kipling’s celluloid drama, from ‘Rudyard Kipling’s world’ by Thurs. HopkinsBuchanan, Mrs
14United Services College. R.K. and his old school. Part 2 +Corm.Price photoTapp, Col. H.A.
17Pictures. Kipling pictures (3): origins requested R 088/17 (2)C + R

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