Kipling Journal: KJ028

Published: Dec 1933

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101Kipling Society, The. Financial depression (1933): effect on SocietyDunsterville, Maj-Gen. L.C.
103Kipling Society, The. People’s Nat. Theatre director enrolled (Nancy Price)News & Notes
103Simla. K’s ‘faithful treatment’ as recorded in Miss Scidmore’s ‘Winter India’News & Notes
104Croydon Library’s ‘Reader’s Index & Guide’ appreciative Kipling articleNews & Notes
104Kipling’s name thought to be unnecessary in quotationNews & Notes
104Women like the ‘sterner side of Kipling’s work’News & Notes
106Origins. Kipling origins [: 2 articles by C. Grey on Strickland & ‘Tommy’]News & Notes
106RECESSIONAL (FNv). Quoted as ‘sub-Christian’ by Birmingham rectorNews & Notes
107Critics. Mr Kipling simply doesn’t know [: article in ‘The Passing Show’]News & Notes
108Celebrities. Kipling to survive the ‘mass mediocrity characteristic of to-day’News & Notes
108Film productions. Current announcements for several ‘talk-films’News & Notes
109Auctions & sales. Paardeberg letter sold at Christie’s for £11News & Notes
109Dante. K. compared with Dante by Lord Dunsany at Poets’ Club dinnerNews & Notes
110Auctions & sales. Methuen published poems have sold 1,298,000 copiesNews & Notes
110Critics. Essay on criticism, by Sir Henry Newbolt attacks & praises KiplingNews & Notes [+ excerpt]
111India. Kipling’s India as I saw it in 1933+Discussion(119) + 028/102(N&N)MacMunn, Lt.-Gen. Sir G.
120Such as in ships and brittle barksChandler, Rear-Admiral L.
123Kipling birthday book. Sources of previously “uncollected matter”
125Civil & Military Gazette. Articles under the pen-name ‘Il Vecchio’E.W.M.
126Rudyard Kipling’s inclusive verse, 1885-1932. Hodder & Stoughton. 25/-Review
129Auctions & sales. Kipling prices: 1933 (2)
130PAGETT, M.P. (DDv). Request for date of poem and ‘who the fellow was’C + R (same page)
130VAMPIRE (v). Did Kipling have any particular person in mind?C + R (same page)
FP&107Naulakha. Photograph + 028/108 [Conan Doyle’s memories of the house]News & Notes

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