Kipling Journal: KJ035

Published: Sep 1935

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69Kipling Society, The. Victoria B.C., Canada, branch report. 1935 + 036/101News & Notes
70Canada. Kipling meets 84 Canadian boys and girls in EastbourneNews & Notes
70&98Film productions. Kipling makes another conquest – Film-landNews & Notes
71Epigrams. Old and new recorded in the ‘Morning Post’News & Notes
71Medical matters. Kipling taking the cure in Marienbad and ‘fully restored’News & Notes
72Humour. Cross-talk comedians want Kipling patter for a pantomimeNews & Notes
72India. Kipling’s re-incarnation in Charles Garrard, R.A.News & Notes
73Autographs. One for ‘swaps’News & Notes
73HIS GIFT (L&ST). What the name Glasse signifiedNews & Notes
73Last Post. Kipling endowment for sounding of ‘Last Post’ nightly at LoosNews & Notes
74Chamberlain Club. Kipling and Lord Hailsham fill two vacanciesNews & Notes
74Critics. Each new work…an event to the world at largeNews & Notes
74THY SERVANT A DOG. Source material from Lord BathurstNews & Notes
76Penpushers. No 23 – Rudyard Kipling [:poem in ‘The Bystander’, 20/3/35]B.W.
76To Rudyard Kipling, Esq, from Thos. Atkins; poem [: Times’ 10.3.1899]J.O.C. (News & Notes)
77Rolls-Royce works motto at Derby – and Rudyard KiplingNews & Notes
78Library. Gift: ‘The Pioneer’ 1885-90 by Mr. A.E. Slocock[Purchased from Sothebys]
79Rudyard Kipling: poèmes, texte en vers francais, by Antoinette Soulas[Extended review]
80KING AND THE SEA (v). Poem for King George V’s Jubilee. ExcerptReviews & new books
81Main currents in modern literature, by A.R. Read. Nicholson & Watson. 4/6[Extended review by EWM]
83United Services College. Schoolmate of Kipling + C 037/30 038/70E.W.M. + C4 036/129
85OLD MEN AT PEVENSEY (POPH). Pevensey Castle and ‘Puck’Power, William R.
86Parody. If: two parodies of ‘If’ ‘… ‘of superior merit’
87Psychic phenomena. Kipling’s psychic phenomenaSewell, Winifred
96Auctions & sales. Kipling prices: 1935
97Burwash. Bear Hotel special dining room called ‘The Kipling Chamber’
98With Number Three; pirated edition by Hume & Co, 1900…burnt (?) c1906C
99Ampthill, Rt. Hon Lord. Kipling enthusiast. Obituary[Brief reference]
FP&69Kipling Society, The. Officers of the Society, 1935. PhotographNews & Notes

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