Kipling Journal: KJ252

Published: Dec 1989

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8TIGER! TIGER! (JB1). Well done! Another charge & they are fairly startedReboussin, Roger (illus)
9California. Kipling and America’s defenceless coasts (+ illus pp 06,11)Editorial
18PROOFS OF HOLY WRIT. K. & the Bible: myths of Authorised VersionNorton, David + illus
27Roberts, Lord. Bobs, with illustrations (as Lieutenant & Field-Marshal)Rice, Elizabeth Talbot
40Rudyard Kipling, by Martin Seymour-Smith. MacDonald, 1989Mason, Philip (2 reviews)
44Balestier, Wolcott. Wolcott Balestier; essay, 1892 + illustrationGosse, Edmund
54HARBOUR WATCH; play. Spearman Books publication (1990)C
55Brazil. Kipling and BrazilC
55Rudyard Kipling: the Rottingdean years, by Michael SmithEditorial comment
56Music settings. Bellamy (Peter) recordings (+ illus 252/57 255/29)C6 (+Ad. 255/03)
58Artist on the march: paintings of India…; sketches by Col. C.F. James (1868)C
58MINE SWEEPERS (SWv). Five damned trawlersC1
59EYES OF ASIA. Provenance of a little-known book by KiplingC
60Bateman’s. Kipling and trespassers R 253/48C11 + R
60SIX HONEST SERVING MEN (JSS). Sunday Telegraph Appts. illustrationC
62Auctions & sales. Sussex edition set at auction. Listed at £7985C6
62Sussex edition auction price (1989)C

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