Kipling Journal: KJ143

Published: Sep 1962

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3Chips with everything (Wesker)…and unintended echoes of KiplingEditorial
4LIGHT THAT FAILED. As a war novelEditorial
4Russia. Kipling in Russia…held in higher esteem than almost anywhere elseEditorial
5Egypt. Egypt and the SudanEditorial
6Morris, William. Influence of ‘deputy uncle Topsy’Editorial
8Scarcity of women C 146/28 147/32Jenks, Jorian + C
12Detective fiction. Kipling as a writer of detective fiction[Correction 146/28]Maitland, W.G.B.
14FAIRY-KIST (L&R). Readers’ guide C 146/28Green, Roger Lancelyn + C
20LITTLE FOXES (A&R). A personal interpretation C 144/32Stevenson, J.H.M. + C1
21Odds and ends [: personal observations ]Eardley-Wilmot, Guy
23TOOMAI OF THE ELEPHANTS (JB1). Library notes [:brief comment]Punch, A.M.
24Choice of Kipling’s prose (Somerset Maugham). Brief lib. notesPunch, A.M.
24Definitive edition of Rudyard Kipling’s verse, 1940. Brief library notesPunch, A.M.
24LAND AND SEA TALES. Library notes [:brief comment]Punch, A.M.
25Revenge. K’s use of the revenge motive; discussion meeting (Dr. Tomkins)Inwood, P.W. (report)
27Cherkley. Lord Beaverbrook’s country house and Kipling
30Garth album particulars requestedC
30ON THE CITY WALL (ST). Use of ‘Kuka’ and ‘Kukas’ queryC
31BALLAD OF THE ‘BOLIVAR’ (v). Plummer-block query R 147/32C + R [+ 053/29]
32Book notes: recent and forthcoming Kipling publications
BCLibrary. Librarians/3: Brigadier Mason resigned[Council officers]

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