Kipling Journal: KJ011

Published: Oct 1929

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2March of Praise: collaboration between Kipling and ElgarNews & Notes
2Music settings. Recessional: Sullivan’s difficulty and Kipling’s ‘drone’News & Notes
3CHURCH THAT WAS AT ANTIOCH (L&R). New magazine publicationNews & Notes
3SATISFACTION OF A GENTLEMAN (S&C). New magazine publicationNews & Notes
4Auctions & sales. Fore-edge paintingsNews & Notes
4Rottingdean. Reuter’s News Agency MD buys Kipling’s former homeNews & Notes
05&01USA. Kipling in America [: from Doubleday, Doran & Co. brochure]Cooper, Anice Page
8Rudyard Kipling: abstract from a paper read before the Midland circleNeal, T. D. + 011/01(N&N)
14Caught a Tartar! [: tale of a ‘difficult’ woman in Bideford]Carpenter, W.M.
16On Kipling [: ‘Daily News’ series – letters to living authors]Lynd, Thomas (Lit. Editor)
18Favourite poems. 4: Selections from Australia & South Africa
18Favourite stories. 4: Final selection from Australia
19MANY INVENTIONS. Characters from ‘Many Inventions’: 2[Short poem]
20Auctions & sales. Kipling prices: 1929 (3) + 011/02 (N&N)
23STRANGER (v). Current application in South AfricaC
26DEPARTMENTAL DITTIES (v). General Wilkinson’s request for copiesC1
27DEPARTMENTAL DITTIES (v). Copy found for 6d. Any other K. titles?References wanted & found
27IN THE PRESENCE (DOC). How much truth is there in the story?References wanted & found
27LONDON STONE (v). Has this been collected? R 014/54References wanted & found
27Music settings. Current recordings requested R 013/26&27 014/53C1 + R
27Music settings. Recessional: query about a ‘proper tune’References wanted & found
28Mr. Kipling [: 4-line poem in ‘Diet of Crisps’]Phillips, H.
28REWARDS & FAIRIES. Title interpretation & Kipling’s reply R 012/24References wanted & found
29Childhood. Kipling in childhood: a woman member looks back
30Allahabad. Footsteps of Kipling [: ‘T.P.’s Weekly’ article excerpt, 8/1929]Makin, W.J.
FPAnnual luncheon 1929. Photograph

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