Kipling Journal: KJ223

Published: Sep 1982

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06&36SAHIB’S WAR (T&D). None followed himRaven-Hill, Leonard (illus)
8Nicholson, Miss Cecily Lothian. Last of Kipling’s secretaries. ObituaryEditorial
9Kipling Journal, The. Figures that should speak volumes[Vol. renumbering]Editorial + C4 224/44
11Stand-by speech requiredMcGivering, John
12Variety of Kipling + C 224/43 226/43Tompkins, J.M.S. + illus
17CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS. Gaelic-speaking black cookKipling, Lockwood (illus)
19Round the Bluff: railway construction in British ColumbiaTrueman, R.H. (photograph)
21UNDERTAKERS (JB2). Blunt-nosed mugger…. + 281/63Watson, Aldren (illus)
25SONG OF THE LATHES (v). …shells for guns in Flanders!; illustrationWyeth, N.C.
31EYE OF ALLAH (D&C). Yes! They are here. IllustrationMatania, Fortunino
33Bacon. Roger Bacon and the microscopeEditor
34Something of himself; notes from RK’s private secretary. 8: Last C 225/45Nicholson, Cecily L. + C
42Short stories: selection of Kipling, ed. Andrew Rutherford. 2 vols. PenguinEditorial note
42Sound recordings. Keep on Kipling: 15 verses in settings by Peter BellamyShearman, John (review)

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