Kipling Journal: KJ119

Published: Oct 1956

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2GIPSY TRAIL (v). Shameslessly cribbed from Frederic WeatherleyGreen, R.L. (Notes)
2Guthrie, Thomas Anstey. Centenary of ‘F. Anstey’s’ birth [: K. friend, 1889]Green, R.L. (Notes)
3Kaleidoscope. K. master in ‘manipulation of fragments of coloured glass’Green,R. (Notes)+C 130/24
3Parody. Echo and parodyGreen, R.L. (Notes)
4BAA, BAA, BLACK SHEEP (WWW). Backgrounds in realityGreen, R.L. (Notes)
4Dalhousie University Library. Hon. Doctorate of Laws for Elsie BambridgeGreen, R.L. (Notes)
4Dalhousie University Library. Kipling Room opened + 132/03Green, R.L. (Notes)
4STALKY & CO. Backgrounds in realityGreen, R.L. (Notes)
5KIM. Kim and the apolitical man [‘Spectator’ article]Hollis, Christopher
10BRUSHWOOD BOY (DW). Over the edge of the Purple DownGreen, Roger Lancelyn
12Critics. What they said about Kipling’s works. Part 2Bazley, Basil M.
14Kipling: a selection of his stories and poems, ed. by John Beecroft. N.Y.Maitland, W.G.M. (review)
15I’ve heard the revelly. ‘Snaffles’ book. Gale & Polden. 21/-Purefoy, A.E.B. (review)
16POTTED PRINCESS. Included in ‘Modern fairy stories’ R 121/16 122/15C + R
16South Africa. Kipling in South AfricaC4
17Steevens, G.W. Patriotic feeling [: K’s tribute to Boer War correspondent]C

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