Kipling Journal: KJ340

Published: Mar 2011

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6Dr. F.A. UnderwoodEditorial
6The Abbottabad Christian Cemetery (OCC)Editorial
6The Alliance of Literary SocietiesEditorial
6The Rudyard Kipling Society of AustraliaEditorial
7Conference Notice: 21 – 22 October 2011Editor
8MRS BATHURST: Mrs Bathurst and Jack of ihe StrawWatts, Cedric
16The “Cat” and the British LibraryEditorial
17Vernet-Les-Bains and The Kiplings: 1910, 1911 and 1914Duncan, Richard
33Kipling and The Concept of ‘Proper Work’Dillingham, William B.
43Kipling’s PseudonymsPinney, Thomas
53Book Review: Kitchener’s Lost Boys by John OakesSmith, Michael
55Kipling for the 21st CenturyRadcliffe, J. & Walker, J.
58Lockwood Kipling Plates at Wimpole Hall (see KJ 338 & 9) R2Chiswell Jones, Jonathan
59The Bateman’s NavyEditor

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