Kipling Journal: KJ168

Published: Dec 1968

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3Major author. Is Kipling ‘Eng. Lit’? C 169/24 170/23 171/24Editorial + C
4Auctions & sales. Collectors’ items in recent bookshop cataloguesEditorial
6STALKY & CO. Kipling on StalkySecretary's notes
7WAYSIDE COMEDY (WWW). Note on ‘Mrs Vansuythen’ + Editorial p02Carrington, C.E.
8Horsmonden ‘The School Budget’ [K. contribution to school mag] + 170/19Harbord, R.E.
12Haileybury. Kipling and Haileybury C 170/21Sawbridge, Hugh + C
15THEIR LAWFUL OCCASIONS (T&D). Discuss. meeting (P.W. Inwood)[Report] + C 170/22
17BELOW THE MILL DAM (T&D). Discussion meeting (A.E.B. Purefoy)Inwood, P.W. (report)
17ON GREENHOW HILL (LH). Discussion meeting (A.E.Bagwell Purefoy)Inwood, P.W. (report)
17RECORD OF BADALIA HERODSFOOT (MI). Discussion…(B.Purefoy)Inwood, P.W. (report)
20Irish soldier. Kipling and the Irish soldier in India. Part 1 + Editorial 168/05Murphy, J.J.W.

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