Kipling Journal: KJ059

Published: Oct 1941

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2Carpenter, W.M. Kipling collection presented to the Library of CongressNotes + 085/06 (additions)
3Churchill. House of Commons speech, September 1941 and K. quotationNotes
3Verse. Cheap editions of Kipling’s verse, 1939-1941Notes
4We are of one blood, ye and I [: blood brothers with the US] + 059/01 NotesMartindell, Captain E.W.
6Parody. Some Kipling parodiesMacMunn, Lt.-Gen. Sir G.
8Prophet. Kipling’s warning: speech to Royal Society of St. George, 1935['The Patriot' excerpt]
11United Services College. Westward Ho reminiscences. Part 2 + 059/02Rimington, Major-General
13So shall you reap: poems for these days, by Rudyard Kipling. Hodder.Maitland, W. (Brief review)
15ELEPHANT’S CHILD (JSS). Match-box cover made in India
16JUNGLE BOOKS. Animals in the stories: an alphabetical list. Part 2Harbord, R.E.
17Bateman’s. Bombers over Bateman’sParish, C.W.
19Rudyard Kipling: an appreciation [: Canadian broadcast talk]Symons, Kyrle C.
21Critics. Lasting Kipling [: TLS review of recent poetry publications]Kiplingiana
22Parody. If: liberties with Kipling [: ‘If’ and the RAF]Kiplingiana
22Rottingdean. Kipling at the forgeKiplingiana
23Kipling Society, The. Auckland branch summary. 1940-41Buchanan, Edith M
24Worst slip. Problem for sea dogs: port or starboard?C6 + R 060/23 062/17
25RETURN OF IMRAY (LH). Roland Pertwee’s dramatic versionC1
25Uncollected stories after ‘Limits & Renewals’ queryC

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