Kipling Journal: KJ134

Published: Jun 1960

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02&03Beerbohm. …the only virulent relationship in his life…with R.K.Editorial
3Murray, Gilbert. Recalls ‘Mrs Hooper’s nephew Ruddy & an epic poem’Editorial + R 135/15
3Russell, Bertrand. …utterly illiberal frenzy of hatred against Kipling…Editorial
4Barrie, J.M. Friendship with Kipling ‘though they seldom met’Editorial
5OUTSIDER; story + Editorial introduction 134/02Kipling, Rudyard
16FINEST STORY IN THE WORLD (MI). Discussion meeting (Col. Purefoy)[Report]
16WIRELESS (T&D). Discussion meeting (Col. Purefoy)[Report]
17HAL O’ THE DRAFT (POPH). Discussion meeting (Col. Purefoy)[Report]
17WRONG THING (R&F). Discussion meeting (Col. Purefoy) C 134/20[Report] + C
19KIM. Date of birth query R 135/23C2 + R
19Pyecroft found enchanting [by an earlier generation]C1
21Library. Gift: From Dr. P.F. Wilson + 135/16 136/18Harbord, R.E. (summary)
24Macdonald sisters, by A.W. Baldwin. Peter Davies Ltd, 1960. 30/-Harbord, R.E.
25Kipling Society, The. Members. From Haileybury and I.S.C.Secretary's notes

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