Kipling Journal: KJ008

Published: Jan 1929

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2Copyright. Kipling imposes restrictions after a speechNews & Notes
2WOMAN IN HIS LIFE (L&R). Capital story in ‘London Magazine’News & Notes
3German. Debits & Credits translated by Hans Reiusiger as ‘Bilanz’News & Notes
3German. Stalky & Co. translated by Norbert Jacques as ‘Staaks & Genossen’News & Notes
3Journalists’ war memorial inscription by Kipling: ‘We have served our day’News & Notes
3Next Rudyard Kipling came along…skit by Reg. Arkell in ‘Meet the People’News & Notes
4Beggar’s Opera with interpolated verses by R.K. and Francois Villon['Daily Express' report]
4Parody. Brett Harte’s parodies soughtNews & Notes
4Popularising Kipling in schools R 011/25News & Notes + R
4Spink, Theodore. Kipling’s first publisher, who died on October 28, 1928News & Notes
5Kipling Society, The. Brooking, J.H.C. To be named as ‘FOUNDER’News & Notes
6Annual conference 1928. Summary
08&05Kipling Society, The. How the Kiplian got its SocietyBrooking, J.H.C.
14Auctions & sales. Kipling prices: 1928 (3)
16Music settings. Children’s song (POPH), set by H.B. Riley. + Piano score[Emanuel School 'Old Boy']
17Kipling Society, The. Midland Circle inaugurate a Kipling dinner[with toast texts]
21Imperialism. Kipling’s imperialism: reply to the charge that K. is jingoisticStokes, Robert
24&01Travel. Mr Kipling on travel [: at Liverpool Shipbrokers’ Benevolent Soc.][Speech on Oct 26, 1928]
28USA. As America sees him [: article in ‘New York Herald Tribune’ 9/28]
30Favourite poems. 2: Poems not as popular as stories, but 3 selections given
32&26On Rudyard Kipling’s Barrack Room Ballads; poemDrennan, Dr. John S.

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