Kipling Journal: KJ109

Published: Apr 1954

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1Bateman’s. Kipling’s sundial hidden from the sun by a yew-hedgeShort, Ernest (Notes)
1Bateman’s. William Ramsay marooned on Kipling’s pondShort, Ernest (Notes)
1Shaw. Kipling’s meeting with G.B.S. at Hardy’s burial + 100/14Short, Ernest (Notes)
2Horse racing. Melbourne Cup and Kipling’s ‘unsuitable’ copyShort, Ernest (Notes)
2Rottingdean. Brighton’s £15 million development near ‘Kipling’s village’Short, Ernest (Notes)
3Bible. The Bible, the Prayer Book and Rudyard KiplingGribbon, Rev. Robert B.
6Collins, J.P. Valued member of the Society. Obituary
7Haggard. Rider Haggard and Rudyard Kipling [:exc. from daughter’s biog.]Haggard, Lilias + 107/16
9Healing. Kipling’s later tales: the theme of healing. Part 2Tompkins, Dr. J.M.S.
14FAIRY-KIST (L&R). Similarity with Sherlock Holmes’ ‘Silver blaze’Maitland, W.G.B.
14Holmes, Sherlock. Mis-dated ‘Plain tales from the hills’Maitland, W.G.B.
16Modern writer and his world, by G.S. Fraser. Derek Verschoyle. 16/-[Review]
17FINEST STORY IN THE WORLD (MI). Crypticism withinC
17PROPHET AND THE COUNTRY (D&C). K’s Achilles heel? R 112/17C + R
17UNCOVENANTED MERCIES (L&R). Acceptance of Einstein’s Theory?C2

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