Kipling Journal: KJ127

Published: Sep 1958

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2Magdalene College, Cambridge. Magazine: Kipling referencesEditorial
3Contemporaries. Kipling’s interest in his contemporaries and juniorsEditorial
3Nesbit, E. Kipling’s interest in Nesbit’s workEditorial
5Shakespeare and ‘The Tempest’: letter to the ‘Spectator’ + Editorial 127/04Kipling, Rudyard
8Kipling’s world. Part 1 + Part 2 128/07Lewis, C.S.
17All in a garden fair: Kipling and Walter Besant’s bookPurefoy, A.E. Bagwell
20Dak bungalows ; ‘…the equivalent all over India of the hotel for travellers…’Stanford, Lt-Col J.K.
21Kipling Society, The. Victoria B.C., Canada, branch Silver Jubilee. 1958[Brief comment]
23Quiz. Kipling quiz [: 24 questions] Answers 128/23
25Literature. Some recent writings about Kipling[List of 6 titles only]
25MALTESE CAT (DW). Cat that walked outC1

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