Kipling Journal: KJ034

Published: Jun 1935

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37Patriotism. Essays in the ‘Morning Post’, in which ‘Kipling looms large’News & Notes
38Film productions. Oft-promised Kipling films are ‘really going to be shown’News & Notes
39Critics. …find it so difficult to say who is ‘the greatest English writer’…News & Notes
39Religion. Kipling’s views not approved by ‘The Freethinker’News & Notes
39SONS OF THE SUBURBS (v). Rejected for publication in ‘Blighty’News & Notes
40&44Sea. Kipling and the sea + Discussion + 034/33 (News & Notes)Locker-Lampson, Cmdr. O.
47&50Empire. Kipling and the empire + Discussion + 034/35 (N&N) + C 035/97Dunsterville, Maj-Gen. L.C.
52Annual conference 1935. Extended summary
54ffEmpire. Kipling and the empire – Plate [: for Royal Jubilee Year, 1935][Illustration]
55Annual luncheon 1935, with address by Lord Rennell[Text, with toasts]
63OUR LADY OF THE SACKCLOTH (v). Review + Source material 035/75News & Notes
63Speech at Royal Society of St. George, May 6, 1934[Review]
65GOW’S WATCH (D&Cv). Rhyme, reason and object queryC
65Scream of tortured metal: text source requestedC
66MRS BATHURST (T&D). Hauraki and DevonportC1
66PROOFS OF HOLY WRIT. Story outline…and Shakespeare’s Bible textC1
FP&33Calendar. Kipling calendar: plate designed by Lockwood Kipling. Photo.News & Notes

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