Kipling Journal: KJ140

Published: Dec 1961

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2Funniest story. Members’ views canvassedEditorial
4FLEET IN BEING. Levin-rods of theVril-Ya query + Editorial 143/02Editorial
5Kipling Society, The. Presidents. Mr. R.E. Harbord + photograph
6Bazley, Basil M. Council member. Obituary + Editorial 140/02Harbord, R. E.
7Freemasonry. Freemasonry in Kipling C 140/30 & 32Bazley, Basil M. + C4
13IN THE INTERESTS OF THE BRETHREN (D&C). Readers’ guideHarbord, R+ Correc.143/31
18Library. Librarians/2: Miss Philippa Toomey resignedSecretary's notes
18Library. Librarians/3: Brigadier Alexander Mason appointedSecretary's notes
19Doubleday Collection in Princeton University Library + follow up: 148/25Rice, Howard C. jr
27BROTHER SQUARE-TOES (R&F). Discussion meeting (Col. Purefoy)Scott-Giles, I (report)
27PRIEST IN SPITE OF HIMSELF (R&F). Disc. meeting (Col. Purefoy)Scott-Giles, I (report)
31Discussion meetings. [: outline of topics from July 1957 to July 1961]C2
32OLD MEN AT PEVENSEY (POPH). ‘…well in[to] the wall of P. castle…’C query + R 143/31

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