Kipling Journal: KJ248

Published: Dec 1988

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8Kipling Society, The. Presidents. Dr. Michael Brock + photograph/p06Editorial
10BELOW THE MILL DAM (T&D). Political allegory in BTMD C 249/32Parry, Ann + illus + C
21Bateman’s. Turbine at Bateman’s mill (photograph)Crosland, Philip
25FRIENDLY BROOK (DOC). Two K. puzzles (+Mrs Bathurst) C249/32&43Mason, Philip + C
25MRS BATHURST (T&D). Two Kipling puzzles (+Friendly brook)Mason, Philip
31MRS BATHURST (T&D). The walkers (illus.) + 248/33 249/06 250/06Prout, Victor
35Images of the Raj: South Asia in the literature of empire, by D.GoonetillekeNewsom, M. (review)
38Athenaeum portrait, correspondence & drawings: artist queryCR 250/40 (+illus)
42Book search recommendationC
42From Merv, last home of the Freelance; verse queryC
43Rottingdean. Rifle-club enquiry R 249/40 250/33&39 251/40 253/48C1 + R
44ARCHITECT’S ALPHABET (v), with full textC
44French. Livre de la jungle. Auction offer, with ‘massive binding’ (1919pub.)C1
45Espionage. Items in the Independent newspaper (late 1988)C2
46MOWGLI’S BROTHERS (JB1). Ah! Ah! Il prend son repas avec les autresReboussin, Roger (illus)

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