Kipling Journal: KJ026

Published: Jun 1933

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36MANDALAY (BRBv). Genuine poem among the mere verse of its timeNews & Notes
37African Society dinner, 1933. Kipling’s toast to the PresidentNews & Notes
37Bateman’s. André Maurois’ visit (quoted in a letter)News & Notes
37France. Translation of ‘History of England’, with extra chapterNews & Notes
38Critics. Kipling not passed over by readers [: ‘John O’London’s Weekly’]News & Notes
38Japan. San Francisco ‘Examiner’ reports Kipling’s arrival in June 1889News & Notes
38JUDSON AND THE EMPIRE (MI). Original of the ‘flat-iron’ boat (?)News & Notes
39India. Defence League: Kipling becomes memberNews & Notes
39Kipling Society, The. Kind comments in the ‘New York Times’News & Notes
40Académie des Sciences & Politiques: K. appointed Foreign Assoc. MemberNews & Notes
40&43Spirit of the age. Kipling and the spirit of the age + Discussion + 026/33Stokes, Robert
45Music settings. Kipling poems set to music. Part 3: R – YMackenzie-Skues, F.W.
49&34India. Kipling’s India and the India of today + 027/70&73 (News & Notes)Dunsterville, Maj-Gen. L.C.
55Annual conference 1933. Extended summary
58Annual luncheon 1933, with address by the Rt. Hon. L.S. Amery[Text, with toasts]
67RABBI’S SONG (A&Rv). Analogy with the Book of SamuelC
FP&36Lahore. Kipling’s home in Lahore – 1883. Illustration[From Baga Ram drawing]

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