Kipling Journal: KJ012

Published: Jan 1930

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2American cats, by Gabriel Engel. PamphletNews & Notes
2Kipling appendix, by Gabriel Engel. Pamphlet [: Kipling refuses a $ a word]News & Notes
3Broadcasts. Kipling broadcast cancelled for health reasonsNews & Notes
3Correctanea…pirate editions of Dinah Shadd, by Gabriel Engel. PamphletNews & Notes
3TENDER ACHILLES (L&R). First publication in ‘The London Magazine’News & Notes
4Freemasonry. Masonic tool presented by Kipling to his Mother LodgeNews & Notes
4IF (R&Fv). Used to encourage men after ‘Pathfinder’ sinkingNews & Notes
4Kipling and America, by W.M. Carpenter. Forthcoming itemNews & Notes
5ANCHOR SONG (SSv). Text change & terminology problems +C2 013/25News & Notes + C 014/54
5ENGLISH WAY (v). First appearance in ‘The Legion Book’News & Notes
5Favourite poems. 5: Final list from Port MoresbyNews & Notes
5Poems 1886-1929, by Rudyard Kipling. Macmillan. 500 signed copiesNews & Notes
7Life and school: Mr. Kipling on Lord Milner and other things[Exc. from the Daily Press]
8MANY INVENTIONS. Characters from ‘Many Inventions’: 3[Short poem]
9United Services College. Veritable and apocryphal Kipling C 014/54Beresford, G.C. + C2
12Complete Stalky and Co., by Rudyard Kipling. Macmillan. 1929[Short comment]
13Swastika. Further note on Kipling’s emblemsBloch, Regina Miriam
14Kipling Society, The. Scottish Circle. Inaugural meeting
15Kipling’s College, by W.M. Carpenter. Privately printed + 012/04 (N&N)[Short comment]
16Crypticisms. 2: Plain Tales & Life’s Handicap queries
17Auctions & sales. Kipling prices: 1929 (4)
19Experiment in imitation; re-discovered lines by Edgar Wallace[ + 014/35 News & Notes]
20Supreme gift [: article in ‘Toronto Saturday Night’]Whitehouse, Francis C.
21Burwash. American at Burwash [: article in ‘American Bookman’ 10/29]Maurice, A.B.
22Auctions & sales. UK & USA prices for ‘On dry cow fishing as a fine art’C1
22STEAM TACTICS (T&D). Identification of places suggestedC 1 + R 015/88 016/125
23Humpty-Dumpty in the Far East: Kipling’s Indian versionC [with text]
23Music settings. Victrola records issued in AmericaReferences wanted & found
24Oh, good morning, Mr Kipling, you are welcome to our shores; author queryReferences wanted & found
25Verse headings. Part 1. A – K C 013/27 016/124Chandler, Capt. L.H. + C1
31Kipling Journal, The. Index of principal contents for Nos 1 – 12
FPON THE GREAT WALL (POPH). Hadrian’s Wall. Photograph[+News & Notes 012/01]

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