Kipling Journal: KJ052

Published: Dec 1939

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3Empire’s laureate [: ‘…but now without his living voice and inspiration…’][Notes]
4LIGHT THAT FAILED. Wrong and right endings [for filmed version][Notes]
5Night mail to India [from Charing Cross] in Kipling’s time. B&W sketchPennell, Joseph
7Kipling Journal, The. New cover [:with plaque presented to H.M.S. Kipling][Notes]
8Charing Cross. Kipling and Charing Cross: an interesting anniversaryCollins, J.P. + 052/04
10&04Embankment Gardens in winter…seen from Kipling’s window. Water colourPennell, Joseph
12South Africa. Autographed leaf['Dundee Courier' excerpt]
13On re-reading the youthful KiplingHawke, Edward G.
15Glow-worm. A Kipling memory [: peace, war and the glow-worm]Kernahan, Coulson
17Poetry. Kipling’s sheer poetryMacMunn, Lt.-Gen. Sir G.
20Kipling Journal, The. Editor 3: Bazley, B.M. resigns[ + 051/16]
20Kipling Journal, The. Editor 4: Chaplin, E.D.W.
21Uncollected Kipling writings. Part 2 Oct 1891 – March 1892Martindell, Captain E.W.
24PLAIN TALES FROM THE HILLS. Fly-leaf autograph inscriptions. 1888
27SOLDIERS THREE. Kipling fifty years ago: review in ‘The Spectator’,1889
30Quiz. Kipling questions (12) Answers 052/46
31JUST SO STORIES. Broadcast adaptations, with ‘Radio Times’ summary
34Kipling “As he appeals to me”Kendall, F.K.
37H.M.S. Kipling. New ‘K’ class destroyer – god-daughter of Kipling SocietyRobinson, C.H.
38PLAIN TALES FROM THE HILLS. Earliest of the ‘Plain Tales’ C 054/34Pemberton, Sir Max + C1
39Film productions. Kipling and the cinema [: popular as a screen author]
40Joske, Dr. A.S. President of the Melbourne Branch. Obituary + 051/16Broughton, Mrs Grace
40Kipling Society, The. Melbourne branch activities. 1939 (1)Broughton, Mrs Grace
41Kipling Society, The. Victoria B.C., Canada, branch report. 1939-40Neal, Mrs W.J. + 050/48
42STALKY & CO. Stalky and Beetle R 053/30C2 (+illus) + R
44Kipling Society, The. Bookplate: 3″ x 2½”. Price 1d.[Illustration]
44Sixty poems, by Rudyard Kipling. Hodder & Stoughton. 2/- + 052/47Maitland, W.G.B. (review)
45Kipling’s reading and its influence on his poetry, by Ann Weygandt. 1939Bazley, Basil M. (review)
47Kipling Society, The. Wartime. Problems & need to ‘keep K. flag flying’Secretary's corner
48Tyler, Captain J.O. Original member. Obituary
FPLahore. Kipling’s final visit to Lahore [: a 6-panel illustration from ‘Home’]

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