Kipling Journal: KJ123

Published: Oct 1957

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2Reincarnation. Kipling and ‘Phra the Ph›nician’ [by E.L.L.Arnold]Green, R.L. (Notes)
4Critics. Amende honorable [from Raymond Mortimer in ‘Sunday Times’]Green, R.L. (Notes)
4McANDREW’S HYMN (SSv). Notes C 124/17 125/24 126/24 127/24Butterworth, H.L. + C2
10CAT THAT WALKED BY HIMSELF (JSS). Legend that Kipling knew?['Cat' journal excerpt]
11Critics. What they said about Kipling’s works. Part 4Bazley, Basil M.
15STALKY & CO. Background from OUSC member (1890-97)C7
16Motoring. Kipling’s carsC2
17DOCTOR OF MEDICINE (R&F). Discussion meeting (Col. Purefoy)[Report]
17EYE OF ALLAH (D&C). Discussion meeting (Col. Purefoy)[Report]
17MARKLAKE WITCHES (R&F). Discussion meeting (Col. Purefoy)[Report]
18Kipling Society, The. Secretary 5. Lt-Col Bagwell Purefoy appointed[Listed]

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