Kipling Journal: KJ170

Published: Jun 1969

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02&24Worst slip. Official list suggested through KJ R 171/02 (Editorial), 171/25C14 + R [+ 144/30]
4Library. Royal Commonwealth Society: consultation statement agreed
5Modern world. Kipling and the modern worldDunman, Jack
10Irish soldier. Kipling and the Irish soldier in India. Part 3Murphy, J.J.W.
15British image of India, by Allen J. Greenberger. OUP. 45/-Green, R. L. (review)
15Kipling and the white man’s burden, by Katherine Moore. Faber. 6/-Green, R. L. (review)
15Victorians and the machine, by Herbert L. Sussman. OUP. 57/-Green, R.L. (review)
17Modest art; survey of the short story in English, by T.O. Beachcroft. OUPMcGivering, J.H. (review)
18French. Doctorate thesis on the problems of translating PTFTH[Summary]
19SCHOOL BUDGET. Kipling and ‘The School Budget’ [School mag. exc]Lerner, Fred
24Jerome. My life and times: ‘The Idler’ magazine and Kipling, queryC

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