Kipling Journal: KJ141

Published: Mar 1962

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2Pilgrim daughters, by Hesketh Pearson. Heinemann, 1961. 25/-Editorial + C 143/31
2Television. Kipling on BBC’s ‘Bookstand’, December 1961 [: very poor]Editorial
4Bootle. Kipling ‘thesis’ in BootleEditorial
4South Africa. Kipling donation to Cape Town UniversityEditorial
5Bazley collection [: bequeathed to Kipling Society, with duplicates for sale]Editorial
7Kipling Journal, The. Shortage of contributionsEditorial
8Annual luncheon 1961, with address by Charles Carrington[Text]
14Wilde. Oscar Wilde and KiplingHyde, H. Montgomery
17Literary coincidence [: Kipling and Robert Louis Stevenson]Stevenson, J.H. MacDonald
20Funniest story. What is K’s funniest story;discussion meeting (P.W.Inwood)S-G, I. (report) + C141/31
21BAA, BAA, BLACK SHEEP (WWW). Discussion meeting (Roger Green)Inwood, P.W. (report)
21HIS MAJESTY THE KING (WWW). Discussion meeting (Roger Green)Inwood, P.W. (report)
21WEE WILLIE WINKIE (WWW). Discussion meeting (Roger L. Green)Inwood, P.W. (report)
22Best gambling stories, edited by John Welcome. Faber, 1961. 16/-Maitland, W.G.B. (review)
22Poetry reading [:3 poems]; discussion meeting (P.W. Inwood)Purefoy, A.E.B. (report)
23Best short stories of Rudyard Kipling, ed. Randall Jarrell. New York.Naumburg, Carl T. (review)
24UNITED IDOLATERS (D&C/S&C). Readers’ guideGreen, Roger Lancelyn
28Pyecroft stories. Part 1 C 142/27 + Part 2: 142/28 + Part 3: 143/28Merriman, R.D. + C2
30Civil & Military Gazette. Reprieved …but finally closed down 148/02C2 + Editorial 144/06
30Favourite Kipling storiesC
30Freemasonry. Too much use of our valuable journal [: for this topic]C5
32BBC TV. Bookstand: a television disappointment, Dec 1961Secretary's notes
32Kipling Society, The. Auckland branch. Dissolution. 1961Secretary's notes

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