Kipling Journal: KJ104

Published: Dec 1952

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1STALKY & CO. Somerset Maugham: ‘an odious story of school life’Short, Ernest (Notes)
2Beith, Major-General. Preliminary committee member, 1922. ObituaryShort, Ernest (Notes)
2Telephone exchange name: ‘Kipling’ not for St. John’s WoodC
03&01Choice of Kipling’s prose (Somerset Maugham). Raymond Mortimer reviewStanford, J.K. (appraisal)
5Annual luncheon 1952, with address by Somerset Maugham[Text]
9Kipling: a new aspect. Third Programme broadcast Pt 1. + Pt 2: 105/06Dobrée, Bonamy
12Autographs. Adjunct to a literary career [: K’s use of a book-selling device]Yeats, A.W.
16CENTURION OF THE 30TH (POPH). Who wrote: Cur mundus militat…?C2 + Translation
17DOG HERVEY (DOC). ‘But that’s little Bingo’ query R(2) 106/16C1 + R

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