Kipling Journal: KJ275

Published: Sep 1995

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8Cartoon (RK): Hardly a likeness ‘…in the 1890s…’ + 276/09 CR 277/64Editorial + CR
9JUST SO STORIES. World’s Classic series, edited by Lisa LewisEditorial
10Collected stories [of Kipling], chosen by Robert GottliebEditorial
11Annual luncheon 1995, including the address by Philip Howard
27Why I joined the Kipling Society See also: C [Auden] 276/50 277/52Sinclair, Andrew
32Kipling Society, The. Annual general meeting No 68, 1995. Report
36Brushes of comets’ hair; presentation by John Clegg at Bateman’s (+p6)Smith, Michael (review)
39Fidelity and honour; the Indian army… by Lt Gen S.L. MenezesTaylor, John D. (review)
43Historians. Kipling and the historians; conference report C 276/60Lewis, Lisa + C
47JOBSON’S AMEN (DOC). Who was J? R 276/53 277/59 278/35 279/49C + R
48MOTHER MATURIN. Early work information requestedC
49BARRACK-ROOM BALLADS (v). Print runs queryC3
50Explicitness in novels (19th century British library standards of propriety)C
51IF (R&Fv). Burmese translation, by Ms Suu KyiC7
52Thesiger on KiplingC

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