Kipling Journal: KJ057

Published: Apr 1941

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1Kipling Society, The. Lord Wavell’s response to Libyan successCollins, J.P (Notes)
1RIKKI-TIKKI-TAVI (JB1). Across 3000 years [: Greek resistance]Notes
2Baden-Powell. Great pioneer [: memorial service at Westminster Abbey]Notes
4JUNGLE BOOKS. Shere Khan’s skin [: General Wavell’s message to KS][See also: Notes 055/02]
6Hindustani. Kipling’s HindustaniMacMunn, Lt.-Gen. Sir G.
9Critics. Kipling among the early critics + Notes 057/03 C 058/22Martindell, Capt. E.W.+ C3
13New Zealand. When Rudyard Kipling was in New Zealand + Notes 057/03Mills, Tom L.
16Mille, Pierre. ‘Le Kipling français’. ObituaryDavray, Henry D.
17United Services College. Kipling and the School. Part 2Hawkins, Miss E.B.
20Kipling Society, The. Wreath of Remembrance inscription, Jan 18, 1941[5th anniversary]
21Homes of Rudyard Kipling. Part 2Milburn, Colonel C.H.
24Kipling treasury. Macmillan. 3/6Maitland, W.G.B. (review)
24Rudyard Kipling’s verse. Definitive edition. Hodder & Stoughton. 1940. 25/-Martindell, Capt. (review)
25Worst slip. Flense, flench or flinchC5
26H.M.S. Kipling. Cake from Auckland in a calico coverC1
26Motoring. Kipling’s motor car [: American ‘Locomobile’]C1
27Scouts. Kipling and the Boy Scout MovementMartindell, Captain E.W.
28Punch. ‘Punch’ and R.K. [: a misprint of 1899 for 1896 confuses matters]Kiplingiana
28Sims. Kipling or Sims [George, R: creator of ‘The Dandy Fifth’]Kiplingiana
29Rudyard Kipling’s verse. Definitive edition. Hodder & Stoughton. 1940. 25/-Kiplingiana + C2 059/25
29SONG OF BANANAS (v). No bananas! C 058/23 059/24Kiplingiana + C
29Syreen. Kipling said it [: justification for the ‘… mass-mis-pronunciation’]Kiplingiana
29USA. American opinion of R.K. in 1900Kiplingiana
FP&12H.M.S. Kipling. Photograph of ship at sea & Society association

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