Kipling Journal: KJ066

Published: Jul 1943

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2Keitland, Miss Frances Anne. Valued member of the Society. Obituary
2Singer of songs: Churchill and KiplingC
3Gunga Deen. Original Gunga Deen: a popular song. + Full textMacMunn, Lt.-Gen. Sir G.
4THEY (T&D). The Egg that is given to very few of us to seeTingey, A.J.C.
6Rudyard Kipling: a friendly profile, by Lucile Russell Carpenter. $2Bazley, Basil M. (review)
7Verse. Kipling’s historical verse. Part 2 C 067/18Macdonald, Rev. A. + C1
09+01Rudyard Kipling: a study in literature & political ideas, by Edward ShanksCaddick, A.E. (review)
12Competition. A Kiplingiana competition [: K. refs in printed matter Aug’43]
13Worst slip. Queer sailing directions. Part 2Elwell, T.E. [+ see below]
14Kipling Society, The. Cape Town branch. Closes down for duration of war
15Worst slip. Queer sailing directions. C 067/17 079/16 081/14 [+078/13]C7
16Kipling Society, The. Melbourne branch annual report: 4thBroughton, Mrs Grace
16Kipling Society, The. Melbourne branch annual report: 5th [1]Broughton, Mrs Grace
17BALLAD OF THE ‘CLAMPHERDOWN’ (v). R.K. and armourKiplingiana
17RED DOG (JB2). Wild-dog packs and the terror of the U-boatsKiplingiana

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