Kipling Journal: KJ333

Published: Sep 2009

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6A Kipling Quotation?Editorial
6Elgar and THE FRINGES OF THE FLEETEditorial
6University of Sheffield Study DayEditorial
7Nuda est veritas et prevalebitEditorial
8THE GARDENER, The Problem of Identity in “The Gardener”:: An Impact of WarJoshi, M.A., Amrit
17Annual Luncheon, 2009, including the Address by Prof Richard Holmes, C.B.E., T.D., J.P.With various introductions
22Kipling’s SoldiersHolmes, Richard
30Rudyard Kipling and Selma LagerlöfSjölin, Thorsten
33Rudyard Kipling and Saki ComparedConnell, Prof Tim
54The Kipling Susters; SkiptonRobinson, Jean M.
65Works on the WebEditorial
66Across our Fathers’ Graves C1 330/13Thornton, Terry
66THE CHURCH THAT WAS AT ANTIOCH C2 330/13Thornton, Terry
66THE WHITE MAN’S BURDEN C3 328/39 & 330/66Muir, Margaret

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