Kipling Journal: KJ002

Published: Jul 1927

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1Kipling Journal, The. Editor 1: Brooking J.H.C.News & Notes
1Kipling Journal, The. Editor 2: Young, W.A. and publication delay reasonNews & Notes
3Kipling Journal, The. Members suggestions for future contentsNews & Notes
3Regrets; verse, with apologies to R.K. and to… ‘Mulvaney’…Chandler, Capt. L.H.
4Auctions & sales. Hodgson & Co sell ‘Schoolboy Lyrics’ for £420
4Cigarette cards. Kipling’s caricature in ‘John Player’ series. With textNews & Notes
4Kipling Society, The. Membership. Card designed by Miss Doris ArdleyNews & Notes + 001/25
5Characters of Kipling; short poems. No 1: Mowgli speaksBloch, Regina Miriam
6Examination paper [: questions from K.’s works] Answers 003/05G.M.H. + C 004/28
7Annual luncheon 1927, with main toast by Sir Harry Brittain[with texts of replies]
07ffDunsterville, Maj-General L.C. Photograph of First President Kipling Soc.+ 'Who's Who' 002/19
13United Services College. Reminiscences of [school] and R.K.’s careerBeresford, G.C.
20&02Origins. Some Kipling origins. Part 2MacMunn, Lt.-Gen. Sir G.
23Sea shanties. Rudyard Kipling – shantymanBrown, Edgar R.
26Names. Former spellings of Kipling and general background detailsC1
26STALKY & CO. Fictional basis of story ‘cannot be allowed’C1
26ff&03United Services College. Pupils with R.K. in the centre. Photograph[+identifications 003/01]
29Kipling Society, The. Members. 101 – 300 listed[Corrections: 003/07]
32Kipling Society, The. Aims and objects restated

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