Kipling Journal: KJ335

Published: Mar 2010

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6The New Bibliography by David Alan RichardsEditorial
7Kipling in China – An UpdateEditorial
8Proposed Study Day at the University of BristolEditorial
9The John Slater Memorial Kipling Essay Prize, 2009Walker, John
10The Prize-Winning Kipling EssayNoone,Gregory
14The Presentation of the John Slater Memorial Kipling Essay Prize on 19 September 2009Keskar, Jane
15Unpublished Kipling DrawingsEditor
21THE SPIE’S MARCH; Kipling a Work: The Textual History of “The Spie’s March”Pinney, Thomas
34The Jungle Book SpidersEditorial
36Rudyard Kipling: Poet and ProphetDown, Martin
46Kipling’s and Elgar’s FRINGES OF THE FLEET and CD ReviewNeill, Andrew
54Library of Congress Kipling CollectionsEditorial
55KASPAR’S SONG IN ‘VARDA’ (T&D); Another Way of Looking at ButterfliesDillingham, William B.
61An Editor’s Apology – Ruskin not Carlyle (see KJ334, p.61)Editorial
63The 4-4-0 “American” Locomotive C1Haythornthwaite, Richard
64Nuda est Veritas et Prevalebit (see KJ333, p.7) C1Treggiari, Susan
64The Problem of Identity in “The Gardener” (see KJ333, p.8) C1Cluswell Jones, Jonathan
65DANNY DEEVER; “Danny Deever” and Private George Flaxman (see KJ334, p.22) C1Ayers, Roger C.
66DANNY DEEVER; “Danny Deever” and Private George Flaxman (see KJ334, p.22) C1Thornton, Terry
67The Myth of the White Man’s War (see KJ333, p.66) R1Wade, Shamus O.D.

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