Kipling Journal: KJ029

Published: Mar 1934

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3British Empire toast: written at the request of L.S.Amery & Sir Frank FoxKipling, Rudyard
3Parody. If: further amusing parodies of ‘If’News & Notes
4Vaudeville Theatre. Reading of Kipling’s poems in Feb. 1934News & Notes
5Magic of Kipling [: in 30 years time Kipling will equate to Shakespeare]News & Notes
5SONS OF MARTHA (v). Kipling’s explanation in correspondenceNews & Notes
6At school with Rudyard Kipling: President’s article in Manchester paperNews & Notes
6British Museum Library: will it some day possess K’s uncollected work?News & Notes
6JUNGLE BOOKS. Motor trade in US compared with Mowgli’s packNews & Notes
7Civil & Military Gazette. Christmas supplement excerpts, 1933News & Notes
7Doubleday, Frank Nelson. New York publisher. ObituaryNews & Notes
7TRUCE OF THE BEAR (FNv). Allegory of Russia’s attitude to trade…News & Notes
8Imperialism. …don’t allow yourself to be deceived by any such nonsense…News & Notes
9Critics. Curious statements in Jamaica ‘Daily Gleaner’, Dec 1933News & Notes
9Music settings. Sussex, by James R. DearNews & Notes
9Proms Circle. J.H.C. Brooking founder member [:Queen’s Hall concerts]News & Notes
9Short story. World’s greatest master, says James AgateNews & Notes
10Post-Bag diversions; anthology by E.V. Lucas. Methuen. 7/6[Brief review]
10United Services College 1874-1911, by Major H.A. Tapp + 030/65 (Review)[Brief comment]
11United Services College. Old Boys’ Luncheon 1934Hon. Librarian
12&20Other Kipling + Discussion + 029/01 (News & Notes)Frankau, Pamela
21&29Patriotism. Rudyard Kipling as a patriot + Discussion + 029/02 (N&N)Skipton, Rev. H.P. Kennedy
31Auctions & sales. Kipling prices: 1934 (1) + 030/67 C 031/98
FP&03Allahabad. Bungalow where the ‘Pioneer’ was first printed in 1865Photograph

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