Kipling Journal: KJ142

Published: Jun 1962

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2BUBBLING WELL ROAD (LH). Bubbling Well Road and ‘funny’ storiesBrowne, B.S.
3DEPARTMENTAL DITTIES (v). Personal appreciationWinmill, F.E.
5Kipling Society, The. US branch activitiesNaumburg, Carl T.
6Rudyard Kipling [: reprinted from Pocklington ‘The School Librarian’,12/61]Rogers, Timothy
10Mithras. Kipling’s allusions to the Mithraic cult + Editorial 149/03Tingey, A.J.C. + C144/31
18Brontës. Kipling and the BrontësPurefoy, A. E. Bagwell
22Harbord, Sarah McCord. President’s wife. Obituary
22Jones, Sir Roderick. Early Society member & ex-Vice President. Obituary
23Brooking, J.H.C. Founder of Kipling Society. Obituary
23Schooldays. Kipling’s schooldays; discussion meeting (Edward Price)Inwood, P.W. (report)
27Beames. Captain Beames, 19th Bengal Lancers and Gadsby queryC
27STEAM TACTICS (T&D). Hammer-pond query R 144/30C3 + R

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