Kipling Journal: KJ154

Published: Jun 1965

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2Return to Parnassus: BBC broadcast by Peter Porter, March 1965Editorial
3Centenary. Old books in new jackets [:Macmillan’s Centenary Edition]Editorial
3Ye need not stop work to inform us: ‘…how far should ‘interpretation go…’Editorial
4Follow the butterflies [:Professor C.A. Bodelsen and ‘Wireless’]Editorial
6Swallowed without reflection [: Adjutant bird and Wenham Lake]Editorial
7Freemasonry. New-cut ashlarsEditorial
07&23Rudyard Kipling: creative adventurer, by Mrs Seon Manley + 155/03Editorial [comment]
8CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS. Tempest-a-brewingEditorial
9Centenary. Bateman’s exhibition: ‘The very own house’Editorial
10Centenary. Exhibitions: Stratford-upon-Avon, and others + 155/05&13Editorial
11ARREST OF LIEUTENANT GOLIGHTLY (PTFTH). Golighty’s mistakeGilbert, Elliot L.
15Kipling Journal, The. Shortage of back nos: 3,5,7,24,60,62,67,70,73,86Secretary's notes
16LIGHT THAT FAILED. Discussion meeting (Mrs G.H.Newsom)Inwood, P.W. (report)
21Animals. Rudyard Kipling and animalsPunch, A.M.
23Tellers of tales, by Roger Lancelyn Green. Edmund Ward. 25/-Purefoy, Margaret (review)

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