Kipling Journal: KJ027

Published: Sep 1933

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69United Services College. Old Boys’ Luncheon 1933 + Photograph 027/90ffNews & Notes (incl. names)
70Martial races of India, by Sir George MacMunnN&N (Brief comment)
70Stratford-upon-Avon. Church (St. Peter’s Chapel) Kipling memorial tabletNews & Notes
71Broadcasts. Voice ‘came over’ quite clearly at Canadian authors’ luncheonNews & Notes
71St. Mildred’s Church, Bread St, London, Kipling memorial tabletNews & Notes
72Music settings. Sir Edward German’s name appears frequentlyNews & Notes
72Parody. If: another two parodies of ‘If’ ‘News & Notes
74France. Praise from ‘Le Figaro’: [nous] savent combien RK est près de nousNews & Notes
75SOUVENIRS OF FRANCE, by Rudyard Kipling. Macmillan. 2/6. + 027/71E.W.M. [Extended review]
77All the Mowgli Stories, by R.K. Macmillan. 6/- + 026/36 (News & Notes)[Review]
78Auctions & sales. Kipling prices: 1933 (1)
78FOX MEDITATES (v). Medici Society Pub, with illus. by Lionel Edwards[Short review]
78Inclusive verse, 1885-1932, by Rudyard Kipling. Hodder & Stoughton. 25/-[Statement of publication]
78Music settings. Neighbours, set to music by Sir Walford Davies. B&H. 4/-[Review]
78ffUnited Services College. Number five study. PhotographNews & Notes (027/69)
79Too previous obituary [: anticipatory obituary in the ‘Chicago Tribune’ 7/26]Vroom, Peter D.
85JANE’S MARRIAGE (D&Cv). Jane Austen & Sir Walter Scott C 028/130[Western Morn. News]+ C2
87JUDSON AND THE EMPIRE (MI). Details about the source of the storyDawson, Major E.
89Music settings. Kipling poems set to music. Addenda and Corrigenda
90Future spiritual state + C 028/131Chandler, Rear-Admiral L.
94World Empire of the future: H.G. Wells forecasts 2060 in ‘Sunday Express’
97Ballad for ‘The Glorious First of June’ : suggestion for a new Kipling poemC
97JUNGLE BOOKS. Word changes queries: ‘mor’ & ‘mao’ / ‘sahi’ & ‘ikki’C3
97Music settings. Sung in the Boer War and at the Messes at the FrontC2
97WATCHES OF THE NIGHT (PTFTH). Allusion to Hamlet III, 4C
98India. Basis of those marvellous stories of India requested R 027/98C2 + R
98MARK OF THE BEAST (LH). Andrew Lang’s strong condemnationC
99Critics. Young men who sneer [: from the ‘Liverpool Echo’ Sept 22, 1933]