Kipling Journal: KJ148

Published: Dec 1963

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4BRUSHWOOD BOY (DW). Cottar’s marching song queryEditorial
5Auctions & sales. Sons of the suburbs: offered by Bertram RotaEditorial
6Auctions & sales. Sussex edition set sold for £370 at HodgsonEditorial
7Australia. Kipling in Australia: 12th – 25th November 1891Primrose, J.B.
18Eight modern writers, by J.I.M. Stewart. OUP. 1963. 48/- + 148/05Green, R.L. (review)
20Martello towers [: article in ‘The Mariner’s Mirror’, 1948]Mead, H.P.
22FRIEND OF THE FAMILY (D&C). Meetings revisited II: original introd.Hon. Secretary
22IN THE INTERESTS OF THE BRETHREN (D&C). Meetings revisited IIHon. Secretary
22JANEITES (D&C). Meetings revisited II: original introductionHon. Secretary
22MADONNA OF THE TRENCHES (D&C). Meetings revisited IIHon. Secretary
27TENDER ACHILLES (L&R). Discussion meeting (Col. Purefoy)Inwood, P.W. (report)
27UNPROFESSIONAL (L&R). Discussion meeting (Col. Purefoy)Inwood, P.W. (report)
33Library. Books for sale (1963) + 149/32

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