Kipling Journal: KJ221

Published: Mar 1982

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6Bombay. Of no mean city am I; illustrationRaven-Hill, Leonard
8San Francisco. Kipling and the contemporary sceneEditorial
9WITH THE NIGHT MAIL (A&R). Planet liner, eastbound; illus. + p18Leyendecker & Reuterdahl
10Dominion of the unstable air + photographsLopez, Donald S.
13WITH THE NIGHT MAIL (A&R). Miss Purnall, in Quebec; illustrationReuterdahl, Henry
20Something of himself; notes from RK’s private secretary. 6: Kipling’s deathNicholson, Cecily L.
22Give him honour, my Lords!: Canadian reaction to Kipling’s deathMacdonald, Grant
23TOOMAI OF THE ELEPHANTS (JB1). Full salute…Kipling, Lockwood (illus)
24That’s for remembrance; reflection on Kipling’s death + obituary cartoonEditor [?]
27Singer of Empire; cartoonRaven-Hill, Leonard
29Bombay. Ayah in Victorian BombayIllus & short note
30Annual luncheon 1981, including the address by Lord Ferrier + illus
37Gateway of India, 1928. ‘Where the world-end steamers wait’Photograph
39Carrington. Vote of thanks given to Lord Ferrier at annual luncheon, 1981
41Mr. Kipling’s army, by Byron Farwell. 1981Lopez, Donald S.
44STALKY & CO. Savoury interludes? Stalky/ TV + R 223/43 226/49C8 + R 222/43
45Binding. Hell for leather: preservation query R 222/38 226/42 231/43C2 + R
45Webb-Johnson. Churchill and Woodrow Wilson R 222/38C + R
47Annual luncheon 1982. Not held

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