Kipling Journal: KJ274

Published: Jun 1995

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6KIM. Illus. for the 1933 French ed + pp08&17 231/27 249/57 276/06&08Fouqueray, Charles
9Norway. Reflections from sea to seaEditorial
11KIM. I am still a Sahib; historical perspective in Kipling’s KimParry, Ann
24A cappella; recital by Peter Horridge and Ann SurteesMattinson, Brian (review)
30Henty. Kipling and Henty; some similarities but many differencesFrazer, K.M.L. + C 272/56
36Rise and fall of the British Empire, by Lawrence JamesVermont, David (review)
38Freight-car Kipling: more on Medicine HatC
39ACROSS A CONTINENT (LOT). “One such man” in India queryC
41Medical matters. Kipling’s stories of healingLeeper, Josephine
54Burne-Jones. Tensions within the familyC
54Eyesight. Kipling’s eyesight R 276/51 277/57 278/37C2 + R
56LONDON STONE (v). Title explanation R 275/53C + R
60MINE SWEEPERS (SWv). “Sent back” query R 275/45C2 + R
62Japanese. Kipling in JapaneseC
64AT THE END OF THE PASSAGE (LH). Spurstow name queryC
64Book & Magazine Collector: article on Kipling’s animal storiesC
65Liberty League. “Every Bolsh is a blackguard” query, with full text responseCR

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