Kipling Journal: KJ015

Published: Oct 1930

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66Kipling Journal, The. Number 1 reprinted with some changes [O/P 006/20]News & Notes
66PUCK OF POOK’S HILL. Excavations between Newcastle and CarlisleNews & Notes
67Tisbury. The Gables: Kipling’s parent’s home on return from IndiaNews & Notes
68Crypticisms. 4: More crypticisms + C2 017/24 018/62
70Memorials on the Western Front: Kipling present at anniversary ceremony
71Surveying. Kipling as expert on surveyingWiggins, W.C.D.
72Critics. Kipling among the critics. Part 3Bazley, Basil M.
78Tales that will last [: ‘Daily Herald’ article on R.K., August 30, 1930]Laski, Harold
79Androgynous fiction [: ‘Men, women & thrillers’ article in ‘Yale Quarterly’][Gerould, Katherine F.]
81Plain tale about Kipling [: his versatility] + 013/03 (News & Notes)Braybrooke, Patrick
84England. Has England repudiated Kipling? Request for members’ opinionsC
84JUNGLE BOOKS. Mowgli’s three lair brothers named by KiplingC2
86Auctions & sales. Kipling prices: 1930
86Civil & Military Gazette. Recollections of working with KiplingC1
89Crossword. Kipling puzzle + Solution: 016/115
90Elephants. Peculiarities of Hathi [: ‘New York Times’ article, Feb 6, 1930]
91Piracy. Mainly bibliographical: notes on piratical issuesElwell, T.E.
92Verse headings. Part 4. T(he sun went…) – W(hen first…) C 019/95Chandler, Capt. L.H. + C2
96Kipling Society, The. Membership. Schemes clarified + 014/36 (N&N)Secretary's page
FPON GREENHOW HILL (LH). Cockhill lead mine. PhotographNews & Notes

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