Kipling Journal: KJ187

Published: Sep 1973

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2British in India: exhibition in Brighton, May 1973Editorial
3.007 (DW). Happy giant’s song C 189/16Editorial + C3
3Kipling on America, by Hugh Brogan. Journal of American Studies. 1973Editorial (brief review)
3Mummy Brown: non-availability of ‘dead pharaoh’s’ paintEditorial
4Auctions & sales. Sussex edition set. Sotheby & Co. £980 sale priceEditorial
4Bateman’s. At Bateman’s; short poem by A.M. PunchEditorial
5Babus. Kipling, English education and the ‘babus’Chatterjee, Kalyan K.
12Early publications. Macmillan’s Magazine queryCarrington, C.E. (note)
12Scots Observer. Extant sets query & Barrack Room Ballads textCarrington, C.E. (note)
13Balestier family historyCarrington, C.E. (note)
14Favourite minor characters; discussion meetingDaintith, T.L.A. (report)
14Lockwood Kipling. Expert on Indian arts and architecture…C3
16Song of Kipling; poem, translated from the Russian original by Larry GreggMatveyeva, Novella

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