Kipling Journal: KJ006

Published: Jul 1928

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1Kipling Society, The. Membership. Overseas locations list
2CHILDREN’S SONG (POPHv). Publisher enquiry. See also: Music settingsNews & Notes
2HYMN BEFORE ACTION (SSv). Brighton choir objects to wordsNews & Notes
2Kipling Society, The. Secretary 1. J.H. Brooking resignedNews & Notes
2Kipling Society, The. Secretary 2. R.T. Gibson Fleming appointedNews & Notes
3Greatest men and women now living: American committee decides on 12News & Notes
3LIGHT THAT FAILED. Cast members of New Theatre first productionNews & Notes
5Annual luncheon 1928, with main toast by Lord Birkenhead[with brief texts of replies]
8Auctions & sales. Kipling prices: 1928 (1)
9Off the beaten track with Kipling [: abstracts from a paper]Martindell, Captain E.W.
09ff&04Allahabad. Publishing office of the ‘Pioneer’. Photograph[Caption wrong: 007/03]
15Poetry. Kipling’s place in English poetry [: abstracts from a paper]Stokes, Robert
20England. Kipling and the spirit of England + 006/03 (News & Notes)Fairclough, J.E.B.
24&02BOOK OF WORDS: 31 speeches. Quotations from the literary reviews[The Nation / TLS]
24ff&04Lahore. CMG courtyard office. Photograph[Caption wrong: 007/03]
25Music settings. Kipling set to music [: a schedule of songs]Mackenzie-Skues, F.W.
28Characters of Kipling; short poems. No 5: Kim’s Lama speaksBloch, Regina Miriam
30MUSE AMONG THE MOTORS (v). Original texts sought in ‘Daily Mail’C [with correction]

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